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Aloha Art

On our next day in the beautiful islands in the Pacific, we decided to have some fun with art, inspired by our favorite art teacher.

Today’s project was a fish printing.  First, using watercolor paints, we painted the background.  I taught the kids how to do a “wet-on-wet” watercolor, painting the background with water first, then adding the color and watching it twist and turn on the page.

Here’s how they each turned out.

Next, using small pieces of foam, they each designed a fish and traced over it with a pencil to leave indentations for printing.

Lastly, we dipped our fish in shades of tempura and printed them on our dry backgrounds.

Here's my foam fish....tried to copy the humuhumunukunukuapua'a (Hawaii's state fish)

For more complete directions on how to do your own fish printing, let Patty show you how.