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Brazilian Poem



Adriano del Valle

Translated by Alida Malkus

The little elephant was crying

because it did not want to sleep…

Go to sleep, my little elephant,

the moon is going to hear you weep.


Papa elephant is near.

I hear him bellowing among the mangoes.

Go to sleep, my little elephant,

the moon will hear my little fellow…

From Australia



Zora Cross

When I was only six years old,

     Heigh-ho! for Folly O!

I wandered in a fairy fold,

     Heigh holly! to and fro.

I rode upon a blossom’s back

    Up hill and over sea,

And all the little pixie pack

     For fun would follow me.

O, golden was the gown I wore

     Of buttercups and air,

And twenty diamond stars or more

     Were pinned upon my hair.

All day I chased the laughing sky

     Above the busy town,

But when the moon unwinked her eye,

    Ho, ho!  I hurried down.

And then within the baby’s shoe

     I hid my lady’s pearls,

From maid to merry maid I flew

     And knotted all their curls.

And when the children were abed,

     I tapped the window pane,

And laughed as someone softly said:

     “Whist, goblins there again!”

Ho, ho!   I fitted here and there

     Amid my elfin band,

When on the green in frolic fair,

     We tripped it hand in hand.

As air and moonlight I was free

     Within that fairy fold,

For all the world belonged to me

     When I was six years old.

Discovered Poems

As we have finished up our country study and are carrying on with school and living and lots of reading, I brought out an old poetry book that I cherish.

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Of course, well after the fact, inside are stored several treasured poems from around the world.  For those of you who might be beginning or deciding on doing this journey yourself, I thought I would add a poetry section with featured poems for each country available.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!  This book is a FABULOUS resource with wonderful poems from well-known poets and authors, covering a variety of subjects, often causing our family to chuckle.

Here’s one to get it started:


Robert Louis Stevenson

I should like to rise and go

Where the golden apples grow;

Where below another sky

Parrot Islands anchored lie,

And, watched by cockatoos and goats,

Lonely Crusoes building boats;

Where in sunshine reaching out

Eastern cities, miles about,

Are with mosque and minaret

Among sandy gardens set,

And the rich goods from near and far

Hang for sale in the bazaar;

Where the Great Wall round China goes,

And on one side the desert blows,

And with bell and voice and drum,

Cities on the other hum;

Where are forests, hot as fire,

Wide as England, tall as a spire,

Full of apes and coconuts

And the Negro hunters’ huts;

Where the knotty crocodile

Lies and blinks in the Nile,

And the red flamingo flies

Hunting fish before his eyes;

Where in jungles, near and far,

Man-devouring tigers are,

Lying close and giving ear

Lest the hunt be drawing near,

Or a comer-by be seen

Swinging in a palanquin;

Where among the desert sands

Some deserted city stands,

All its children, sweep and prince,

Grown to manhood ages since,

Not a foot in street or house,

Not a stir of child or mouse,

And when kindly falls the night,

In all the town no spark of light.

There I’ll come when I’m a man

With a camel caravan;

Light a fire in the gloom

Of some dusty dining room;

See the pictures on the walls,

Heroes, fights and festivals;

And in a corner find the toys

Of the old Egyptian boys.