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I’m thinking this is what we need for Cocoa

Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes

Maybe I’ll be the lucky winner ūüôā

Fall Break

We are taking another¬†“breather” and will be back next week to continue on in our journey with our next stop being Russia. Check back next week for more fun learning.


Turns out…

I’m not super mom!¬†¬†Not that I ever thought I was or anything, but wow, busy weekends combined with a traveling husband and a visit from a Japanese friend who¬†I hadn’t seen in 18 years, can really throw me.¬† I had hoped to introduce Mikae, our sweet friend from Japan, to Peruvian cuisine, but it just didn’t happen, although we did have a delicious American dinner last night and Japanese/American dinner tonight (thanks to Mikae), along with a trip to our favorite restaurant on the beach for breakfast and some splashing in the waves.

Mikae stayed with our family when I was a teenager and I love that we have stayed in touch and that she got to meet my kids!¬† She also helped us these past two days as we journeyed to our next country….The Philippines.

I’ll be posting those pictures soon and we will be eating our Peruvian dinner when I get my act together!

On to Oman

Saturday, when we went to the Viking Festival, the kids were watching the Vikings in battle and Addie turned to her dad and said “I want to be a fighter when I grow up.”¬† Perhaps the battle introduction was a good precursor to our visit to Oman.¬† Afterall, the national symbol of Oman is a picture of two daggers crisscrossed in their scabbards.

Today, we left the Viking land of Norway of fjords and glaciers and traveled southeast to the desert-land¬†of Oman, where frankincense trees bring shade to the wilderness and palm trees provide delicious dates for nourishment.¬† In Oman the oil is rich and, while we were limited in our country choices for “O” (Oman is the only country that starts with “o”), we actually have a friend who works in Oman on an oil rig and so it has meaning for us, too.

This wonderful friend was able to bring us a great Omani storybook and some money, too, and, true to Omani heritage, the tale was one of an Omani warrior and the money pieces all bear the national symbol.  But, daggers and warriors are not all that Oman is known for.  I mentioned oil and frankincense, but there is also a culture of welcoming outsiders, particularly among the bedouin people that would put our efforts in hospitality to shame.

In our traditional Monday (oops, celebrated Monday at the beach for Family Day) fashion, we began with geography, locating Oman on the globe, coloring flags and maps, and then dove into our new books, perfect for boys!

The white on the flag symbolizes peace and prosperity, the red-Omani blood, and the green-Islam and Oman’s fertile land.¬† In the far left corner is the national symbol.

This great story is about a boy who wants to be a warrior so he makes up a tale about how he has killed a hundred, drowned another hundred and released a hundred. The tale is true except that he is referring to flies and the Sultan, believing him to be a true warrior sends him out as the lead General against enemies and eventually a dragon.  In the end, the only thing Ali the warrior ended up killing were flies.

So here we are, in Arabia.¬† It’s fun, it’s exciting, and makes me feel ready for adventure!

Let the homeschooling begin!

On Monday night we busted out the roasted potatoes with lemon and coriander that we made during Lebanon week and this weekend I plan on making the shish barak.

I’m also officially beginning homeschooling Tallinn next week, a little scattered, with a million ideas flying around in my head, but, as we really skipped Kindergarten this is our first year of actual homeschooling and I’m excited about it.¬† One thing is certain, we are going to continue our learning journey and implement it into our studies.¬† So, things will likely not look too different around here.

Today I spent some time with Tallinn going over his new “buckets”.¬† Each morning, when he wakes up (he’s been the first one awake in our family from the get-go) he will have a different activity to complete in each bucket.

The first bucket will focus on writing, basically, writing lowercase letters.¬† When he was around 3-years-old, he basically taught himself how to write his letters and has been using capitals ever since.¬† It’s time to incorporate some lowercase.¬† Using 3×5 cards, I¬†pre-wrote the letters in groups of 3 and placed them into the bucket along with 2¬†die and a dry-erase marker.¬† His job each morning, using his dry-erase board with pre-drawn lines for writing ($1 at Target), is to pick a card, roll the die, add up the numbers, then write¬†the letters as many times as the die say.

In the second bucket, labeled “how much”, will be various coins and he will use the other side of his dry-erase board to write how much the total value of coins is.

The third bucket is geography review with flash cards of flags of the world. Each day, I’ll put one in the bucket and he’ll have to find that country on the map and identify it with a star sticker.

At this point everything is new and exciting, but we’ll see how long it lasts. Fortunately, I have lots of fun things up my sleeve to change things up and am just as excited about our learning adventure as he is!

Let the fun begin!

Updates in Progress

We are taking a break until the school year starts, after Labor Day, and this site will be under a little bit of construction until then.

In the meantime….

(during our sickies) I’m still enjoying a little bit of South Africa.

Thank you, South Africa!


Don’t worry, we’ll be back. We’ve had a little sickness hiccup and we’ll start a new country next week.

This little zucchini….

needed some love.

What became of the Rickshaw

Brian attached the rickshaw to his bike. 












The Koreans brought their own entertainment factor by singing along. 

I’m thinking we might want to attach a boombox or something.

We’re definitely getting some crazy looks from the neighbors.