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I forgot to post pictures of the grand canyon art we did during our week in Flagstaff.  It was pretty complex for a second grader, as it was originally intended for fourth graders, but the directed drawing part of the lesson actually taught me a bit as well.  I’m still locating Tallinn’s piece, but in the meantime, if you are looking for inspiration on painting the Grand Canyon, this is a wonderful art lesson by Patty.

Arriving in Flagstaff

This week was all about the experience, something you can’t get from a book or even a teacher (even if she is an AWESOME one :)).  Enjoy!

It was super cold at the Grand Canyon and the kids managed to find a "patch" of snow.

 Next stop: Four Corners

Everybody pick a state!




And last: Mesa Verde.


View from the top.

super windy cold!
The only two brave enough for the harsh weather.

Good Times!