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Eating Like Astronauts

A trip to the Discovery Science Center

It wasn’t quite possible to “make” an authentic astronaut/space meal, so we ventured to the Discovery Science Center to pick up some traditional astronaut dessert…..freeze dried ice cream and ice cream sandwiches.

They were a little broken from the trip through space ūüôā
The kids still enjoyed them, broken and all.

While we would love to stay and explore space a little longer, we’re blasting off to our next destination: Des Moines.¬† Shifting from the starry skies to fields of harvest.¬† See you soon!

How far from the sun….in inches of toilet paper?

I found this space activity felt pad for $1 and couldn't pass it up!

I saw this little activity initially on Pinterest and quickly added it to my board.¬† Then, for some crazy reason, it was no longer there.¬† Fortunately, I managed to find directions on a couple of other websites (here’s one). ¬† One listed the distance of the planets and moon from the sun in inches and another had print-outs of the planets.¬† We combined the two sites to create the activity below.

Planet cut-outs, proportionate to the sizes they actually are.

We used the orange golf ball to represent the sun.

Eventually, as our living room is not 50+ feet, we ran out of room for the neptune and uranus, but did get as far as Saturn (roughly 28.6 feet of toilet paper). 

A little science, a little math, a lotta fun, this is what I call home-“schooling”.


Having a BLAST!

I saw this fun book at the library just as we were checking out!  So perfect for our study and Tallinn was so pumped to try it out.  It was practically easy enough for him to do himself.  I just helped track down a necessary ingredient (antacids) and adhered a bit of tape.

The directions suggested using a film container to put the antacid and water into, but,¬†considering it’s been about a decade since I have seen one of those, we used a test strip container.¬† (One of the typically unseen benefits of diabetes, I guess).

First step….insert 1/2 antacid.

2. Quickly add water.

3. Close the lid

4. Stand upright

5. Stand back


*This provided hours of entertainment and Tallinn was thrilled that his went the highest :).  Loving our week in space!

Cape Canaveral

Our third stop on our trip around the US landed us in Cape Canaveral, with zooming rockets and launching shuttles!  And so began a week learning about space and science.  I think this might be why I love studying this way, with each week bringing a different focus comes excitement and newness, while still keeping our basic structure.  Basically, I think I get bored easily and need to change things up a lot.

So, we arrived in Florida and busted out our space books right away.

Thank you local library!

Another reason I was excited to get to our space week was an art project I saw in Family Fun Magazine, a George Seurat-style pointillism piece using a pencil eraser. 

After practicing some drawing of different rockets, we lightly sketched our scene on canvas.

Using acrylic paints, we slowly filled in our different planet, asteroid, galaxy and rocket shapes.

Car's finished piece


Tallinn's finished art work, done on canvas.


My finished piece, done on watercolor paper.

I LOVE how these turned out.¬† The whole time we were working Tallinn expressed his disbelief that George Seurat didn’t need to use a pencil eraser to make his tiny dots.¬† His is now up in his room and looks awesome!

Spacey Spelling Words

  1. rocket
  2. planet
  3. shuttle
  4. orbit
  5. space
  6. cape
  7. blast
  8. earth
  9. Bonus: astronaut

*For our weekly verses this year we are memorizing a verse a week from Ephesians 6 on the armor of God.¬† While it was fun last year making the verses somewhat match what we were learning, I didn’t feel like the kids retained them as much as they weren’t related.