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Beef Brisket and Corn Bread

Our week in Texas came to a close with an authentic meal, some fun “kid-inspired” decorations, costumes and an old familiar tune.




Tallinn made some little signs

Austin Week Dinner Menu

Oven Roasted Beef Brisket

Skillet Corn Bread

Texas-style Caesar Salad

We all loved the beef brisket spices and enjoyed dipping our meat into the juice that was left over.   We make skillet corn bread quite often, typically with sage and honey, but this standard version,  which we adapted a bit, was also a hit.  And the salad, amazing!  I absolutely loved the cilantro caesar dressing that accompanied it and next time would possibly add some homemade cornbread croutons to the mix.

Tallinn had a soccer game shortly afterward so we didn’t get to enjoy a dessert round, but if we had, a pecan pie would have been a great addition to this delicious meal.
Thank you Austin and Texas for a fun week learning about
This was a fun way to use some leather scraps I’ve been saving for just such an occasion.

rodeos (lots of fun videos to watch on Youtube)
and a lot of Southern fun.
For more learning resources on Texas we found a great site with lots of printables perfect for children who are reading and writing. (Tallinn loved doing these pages!)

A cowboy lunch

It’s all hats and boots around here.

and a few carrots, peanuts and pecans.


Deep in the Heart of Texas

We began our US study right in the middle of America, venturing Eastward from our California coziness to the center of Texas….Austin.  As we are traveling once again in an alphabetical haphazardness through various cities, regions and national parks, there will likely be no pattern, no rhyme and even perhaps not a striking reason for our stops along the way, but there will be guaranteed learning and fun!

If you followed our journey around the globe, some of what we do will be a bit similar to last year….beginning with geography, adding art and culture and finishing with a dinner focusing on the region we are studying.

Here we go!

After some fun good ole’ fashioned Texas music,

we got to work on our flag craft.

Nothing particularly fancy, but I had Tallinn divide up each page with a ruler which incorporated a bit of math.   Then, using chalk pastels, they filled in the correct sections.  (I love the stars that Tallinn drew, not perfect, nice and childlike).

Tallinn also colored in a page of the map of Texas as we reviewed it’s location on our US map and learned some facts about Texas.

He's into rainbows right now, probably after a friend's "rainbow" birthday party.

                                                                Fun Texas Facts:

2nd largest state

State sport=rodeo

State tree=pecan

State bird=mockingbird 

Austin=live music capital of the world


One other element we added to our learning this year is a weekly spelling list to tie-in our theme.   I tried to be fancy and add a fun cowboy-bordered spelling page, but I’m not that great at this blog stuff and it has already taken me SO long to get this post out, that my list will have to be boring until I learn otherwise :).

Texas Week Spelling Words

1. Texas

2. music

3. dance

4. cowboy

5. sing

6. drum

7. show

8. place

9. play

Bonus: capital

 We’ll be back soon Y’all.