Our family is taking a journey. We are going around the world, from A-Z, in forty weeks. Every day we’ll learn a little bit, as the kids are still 5 and under, but we’re already having lots of fun learning about this big world we live in and the people who inhabit it (and this is only after the first week!)

Each week we begin with a little geography, do some art, music, and finish with a delicious meal from the country we are studying. We color maps, research globes, paint, sing and even learn some foreign words.

Come join us!

5 responses to “About

  1. What a great idea! I can’t wait to check out your projects.

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  3. What a great idea. I am going to scour your site for more info.

  4. Hi!
    Wasn’t sure if this will get us in touch with you but I wanted to say how nice it was meeting you, Brian and the kids on our vacation in WA/OR. We have a few cute pics of Adèle and Tallinn and of course, Cocoa too. Your blog is fabulous – I’ve forwarded it to my friend in France as I’d told her about you and she was eager to see it. I hope you enjoyed the rest of your vacation. We never made it as far south as Braden but we had a great time with family in Eugene and Portland, and fell in LOVE with Mt. Rainier. What a fantastic place. I could have stayed a few extra weeks there. Enjoy the start of the “school year” and we are gearing up to start our version of your journey around the world. What an exciting idea. Be in touch and be well –

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