Arriving in Flagstaff

This week was all about the experience, something you can’t get from a book or even a teacher (even if she is an AWESOME one :)).  Enjoy!

It was super cold at the Grand Canyon and the kids managed to find a "patch" of snow.

 Next stop: Four Corners

Everybody pick a state!




And last: Mesa Verde.


View from the top.

super windy cold!
The only two brave enough for the harsh weather.

Good Times!

3 responses to “Arriving in Flagstaff

  1. Oh how I have been thinking of you! It looks like you have your precious new little one:) You are such a wonderful mama, and wow you have had a wonderful school year so far! I miss you, and we have a lot of catching up to do! Hope to be able to visit soon. Sending you love, Sarah

    • Sweet friend! How we have missed you. I think of you everytime we see that beautiful picture of your kiddos on our wall. I hope you can visit soon. I sent you an email. Hopefully it’s the right address. xoxoxo, Alison

  2. Wow, those are amazing family photos! Great experiences. One of the photos of Car looks like it could be Josh at that age.

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