Entering the Land of Many Farms

We have traveled westward again, this time to a land rich in soil, where corn stocks tower and barns are plentiful…..we have arrived in Iowa, specifically Des Moines.  Iowa actually has more farms than any other state in the US, which is why we decided to focus this week on farms and gardens.

Our first activity was to work on our own urban farm…

Our City Hens


Tallinn measured some spaces for planting seeds

 After measuring out our space, we came back inside and drew a grid using a book a friend let me borrow awhile back to maximize our space for growing vegetables.

Selecting our Seeds

Our plot size was 5′ x 7′, so we made a grid to correspond, marking off square feet using square inches, and then decided which seeds to plant in each square (as was recommended by the Square Foot Gardener).

This was actually quite technical to do and my brain was on overload by the time we were finished, but such a great way to incorporate math, especially for a boy who loves to build and design.  Maybe someday we’ll actually build and plant the garden we designed :).

Des Moines Week Spelling Words

1. farmer

2. market

3. harvest

4. barn

5. seed

6. water

7. pumpkin

8. garden

9. planted

Bonus: vegetable



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