Having a BLAST!

I saw this fun book at the library just as we were checking out!  So perfect for our study and Tallinn was so pumped to try it out.  It was practically easy enough for him to do himself.  I just helped track down a necessary ingredient (antacids) and adhered a bit of tape.

The directions suggested using a film container to put the antacid and water into, but, considering it’s been about a decade since I have seen one of those, we used a test strip container.  (One of the typically unseen benefits of diabetes, I guess).

First step….insert 1/2 antacid.

2. Quickly add water.

3. Close the lid

4. Stand upright

5. Stand back


*This provided hours of entertainment and Tallinn was thrilled that his went the highest :).  Loving our week in space!


3 responses to “Having a BLAST!

  1. yay! this is great! fun fun ideas… 🙂 i suppose if others wanted to try it -it might work well with those airborne containers. they are a similar shape and size. for us without the diabetes benefit :)… love you amanda

  2. Good job, Tallinn!

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