Bathtub Tea Party

 You may have heard of the famous Boston Tea Party that once graced the waters of Boston Harbor.  Well, we decided to have our own tea party action, after a cup of tea, of course.

First, we did a brief lesson on taxes, which basically involved me telling Tallinn to collect so much money and then ruthlessly taking most of it away. 

Then, we read a bit on what preceded the Boston Tea Party and why the Colonists revolted.  Honestly, I had forgotten all about the Boston Massacre so we all were learners today.

Next, we made little boats out of newspaper, copying a sample in a Curious George book we had from the library.


Next we added some British flags to our “ships”, a bit of tea, and some British “soldiers” (a.k.a. Lego men).

Lastly, we tested our ships in the open waters of our bathtub and the tea party officially began.

Since the real Boston Tea Party took place at night, we turned out the lights in the bathroom and lit a few candles to make it a bit more legit.


tea seeping into the water

The boys probably could have stayed in the bathroom for hours and played.

We had so much fun with this little activity and I was reminded of why I love homeschooling!


One response to “Bathtub Tea Party

  1. very creative, very fun! good job!

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