High Hopes

I had such high hopes for the conclusion of our Around the World Tour.  Friends would come to an elaborate “Open House” featuring something we learned from each country-an item to taste, a craft to make, etc.  It was destined to be a big success, I am sure of it.  And I’m also certain that this is how life goes, at least for me anyway.

Fortunately, the reason this elaborate plan was unsuccessful (at this point) was because of another baby coming into our home, actually two more babies…one via my growing belly and one via adoption and a real-life-non-virtual-trip-to-Korea.  So, with the combination of some serious “morning” (more like all-day) sickness and a new sweet bundle finding his way in a family of 6, we had some other things happening this summer, good things, amazing things, God you are SO good to us things.

That would also explain why I  haven’t blogged in awhile (in case you noticed).  But now, here I am, attempting another journey with my little learners, this time we are adventuring around the US.  If I can just be honest, being an international traveler, it has been a bit harder for me to get motivated to study the US.  Don’t get me wrong, I love this amazing country I get to call home and am thankful to live here, it just doesn’t quite excite me like the rest of the world does.

That being said, we are going to have LOTS of fun this year and I haven’t decided if I’ll start a new blog just for our US journey or continue posting on this one.  For the moment, as it’s taken me about 5 days to finish this post, I think I’ll keep things the way they are.  We just started last week and are inching our way along with some basics about US geography.  Next time I post, there will be some pictures of what we’ve been working on and a bit more info on where this journey will lead us.

Thanks for sticking with us! 



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