From Australia



Zora Cross

When I was only six years old,

     Heigh-ho! for Folly O!

I wandered in a fairy fold,

     Heigh holly! to and fro.

I rode upon a blossom’s back

    Up hill and over sea,

And all the little pixie pack

     For fun would follow me.

O, golden was the gown I wore

     Of buttercups and air,

And twenty diamond stars or more

     Were pinned upon my hair.

All day I chased the laughing sky

     Above the busy town,

But when the moon unwinked her eye,

    Ho, ho!  I hurried down.

And then within the baby’s shoe

     I hid my lady’s pearls,

From maid to merry maid I flew

     And knotted all their curls.

And when the children were abed,

     I tapped the window pane,

And laughed as someone softly said:

     “Whist, goblins there again!”

Ho, ho!   I fitted here and there

     Amid my elfin band,

When on the green in frolic fair,

     We tripped it hand in hand.

As air and moonlight I was free

     Within that fairy fold,

For all the world belonged to me

     When I was six years old.

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