African Prayers


Goodness is stronger than evil;

Love is stronger than hate;

Light is stronger than darkness;

Life is stronger than death;

Victory is ours through Him who loves us.

Desmond Tutu

We’ve been reading some African prayers

An African Prayer Book

and folktales,

nmcover 286x300 Book Review: Nelson Mandelas Favorite African Folktales

 learning about the culture in Zimbabwe and even played a traditional Zimbabwe game…Kudoda.

In this game, a bowl is passed around with marbles in it.  The bowl is passed and each time the person has to throw a marble up with one hand and catch it, while trying to grab as many marbles as possible from the bowl. The person with the most marbles wins.  As I played this game along with the kids I wasn’t able to take pictures, but it was pretty fun and I’ve since seen Tallinn “practicing”.  Pretty cute!


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