Yemeni Final Dinner

We kind of cheated and had an early dessert with our homemade Yemeni donuts.  Fortunately it was a few days ago and didn’t spoil our appetites for our final dinner.

Yemeni Dinner Menu:

Seasoned Soup with Bread

For this dish, a middle eastern flatbread is first placed in the bowl before adding the soup, which is a simple blend of fennugreek, chicken broth, pureed tomatoes and a hint of lemon juice.

Mutton Meatballs

Lamb is a common meat served in Yemen, so we opted for this easy-to-make recipe using ground lamb.

Salad with Pine Nuts, etc.

The salad wasn’t necessarily a traditional Yemeni recipe, but they do use lots of pine nuts and these are some of our typical family dinner accompaniments, especially the fig vinegar and olive oil mixture which we have recently come to enjoy very much.

Thank you, Yemen!  We will continue to pray for your nation as you struggle for peace and will remember you as we read the tales of Arabian Nights and drink our tea with milk and cardamom.

إلى الْلِقَاء

One response to “Yemeni Final Dinner

  1. Allison,
    This is absolutley amazing! I just stumbled upon this from one of your emails. SO cool what you are doing with the kids! I can’t wait to talk to you all about it! Hope your trip was so fun! – Jen Wood

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