tea and donuts

In searching for Yemeni recipes, I came across a fun donut recipe that seemed a perfect accompaniment to our traditional Yemeni tea.

First you make the dough.  I used my mixer with the dough hook.  SO thankful for this long ago wedding gift used practically everyday in our home.  I also used whole wheat flour, which was all I had and I even had to cut the recipe in half as it literally used ALL the flour I had left.  But apparently this recipe was meant to be used for a small village in Yemen as, even with cutting the recipe in half, we ended up with loads of donuts left.

There is yeast in this recipe so we had to wait for it to double once, then punch down, then repeat.

Next, we formed the dough into ping-pong sized balls and created a small hole in the center.

Then, we placed our “dough”-nuts into hot oil, four at a time.

Once they were browned on both sides, we placed them onto paper towels to absorb the oil, then rolled them into powdered sugar.

Donut making station set-up and ready to go!

At one point we thought it would be fun to add some spice to the powdered sugar and added a hint of cardamom, a popular middle-eastern spice now commonly served atop oatmeal-filled bowls in our home.

Car is always looking for an excuse to put an apron on.

My favorite was to add Chinese Five Spice powder to the sugar.  Simply divine!

While the donuts were browning, the tea was simmering.  A simple English Breakfast tea steamed with milk, cardamom and sugar, just like they do in Yemen (although I’m not exactly sure on the actual type of tea brewed).

And voila!  Tea and donuts were served.

And a jar full for later!

These donuts, although a bit dry, were quite delicious dipped into the tea.  Next time I would definitely use white flour and the Chinese Five Spice powder again.

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