Re-entering Arabia

As we have entered back into Arabia for our third and final visit, we can’t help but be aware of the destitution, poverty and lack of freedom we are encountering in this deserty-dry land.   Yemen, the poorest country in the middle-east, has been in the spotlight quite a bit recently, as the people, long-quieted and suffocated under a harsh government regime are gathering together to make their voice heard.

Today's paper

In our own home filled with brothers and sister all different and opinionated in their own way, we often instruct them to have peace and live in peace.  So, in this nation that desperately needs peace, not just the stuff preached about with finger gestures and signs, but the deep peace that comes from the Prince of Peace, we are reminded to be peacemakers and to live in peace and pray for peace in the middle east.

Today we did a new flag craft (I can’t believe I still have ideas coming for flags) and fortunately the Yemeni flag is quite simple. Red. White. And Black. 

The kids loved using their hands to paint and I let them rinse in our neglected pond afterward.

Tallinn's Yemeni Flag

Addie's flag, victim to a strong breeze bringing black into red

Cardiff's Flag

Oh the art of little hands!  Perhaps not containing value to anyone else but a mother.  I absolutely adore how these flags turned out……

Because in Arabia lie the only nations beginning with “O”, “Q” and “Y”, we ventured back to this region of the world once so unfamiliar and have grown to truly appreciate this land and its beautiful people.

So here we are, back in the center of the world, where things are happening and shaping the future for generations to come.  Yemen.  A land where trees drip dragon blood.


And yellow scorpions inhabit the uninhabitable.   

A land of highlands.

And coastal desert, where winds blow strong making skies black.

A land, in typical middle-eastern fashion, where hospitality is shown and visitors treated kindly and often served tea.

We are blessed to be here!


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