Ugandan Flag Faces

We’re circumnavigating the globe again and loving our new adventure! This time, we’re leaving the tea-cozy UK and heading south-east to Uganda, divided by the equator, bordered by Lake Victoria on one side, home to the origin of the Nile river. 

This is a land buzzing with life, where inhabitants spend more time outdoors than in, traversing the red-clay covered paths and roads, working hard to support families often through physical labor that far surpasses traditional western office jobs in level of physical difficulty and potential danger.

Where children can be seen carrying loads of water on bicycles that often triple their own body weight.

A land where people work together in community, sharing life and responsibilities.

Today, we arrived in Uganda! Oli otya? How are you? Bulungi. Good… here we go.

For our first Ugandan craft/activity….

Face Flag Fun

Addie in her new Ugandan dress

This Week’s Verse:

So we say with confidence;

The LORD is my helper,

I will not be afraid

What can man do to me?

Hebrews 13:6


One response to “Ugandan Flag Faces

  1. Oh my gosh. Addie is SO cute in that picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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