New Adventures in 2011

2011 could not have started off any more full of adventure. And this wasn’t a virtual adventure, but a real live trip around the world….a trip that involved five crazy flights and ended up in Uganda. Sadly, the kids did not get to join me on this one and neither did Brian, but they will live vicariously through me this next week as we dive into Uganda.

While I was gone, my mom taught the kids all about the UK and even made a traditional Shepherd’s Pie dinner. Thanks mom! (I’ll post a few pictures on that tomorrow).

Now there are several crazy things that happened that brought me to my Uganda trip and the story is long and complex, but really God is the one who made it happen and opened my eyes to this amazing country and prepared the way. 

Here’s a little photo gallery of my journey. Enjoy!

First morning sunrise-view from my room

First Stop, African Hearts Boys Home

Walking through the village to paint a school

Getting right to work!

Stopping for a break

Ugandan snack

Dedicating the school 

Abi and I painted all the poles.

Local women preparing dinner

Church on Sunday...Awesome!

My buddies, George and Shafick

Our Team

Getting ready to play soccer with some boys from another home, using their shoes/cleats.

After the "football" game....we WON!

Visiting another orphanage

skit time

The Nile Headwaters....AMAZING!

Packed into the taxi van

There are so many more pictures I could share, but these just about capture our experience….heart-breaking, full of laughs, inspiring and blessed!

Thank you Jesus for this amazing opportunity to serve you.

2 responses to “New Adventures in 2011

  1. What a amazing trip!! Memories that will last a lifetime. I have never been to Africa but it is on my wish list:).

  2. Love the pictures.

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