Heading for Uganda

To start off 2011, we are heading for Uganda…..or maybe I should say “I” am heading for Uganda for this is a glorious REAL trip and I am leaving on Monday, not virtually or in my dreams, on a real, legitimate transcontinental flight, actually quite an amazing airline-Emirates-my first time flying this dream airline!!! 

 It came together through a series of events that could only be orchestrated by God and I am excited to post lots of pictures when I return (not sure how great the internet access will be there).  If you want to check out more about what we are doing, which involve giving lots of love to orphans, painting… click here.  Also, I know I’ve posted about Katie Davis’s ministry in Uganda before, and I am hoping to get to spend some time with Katie on this trip. 

In the meantime, my wonderful mother has decided to teach the kids all about the UK as we have entered into “U”.  Since she doesn’t quite know how to do this blogging thing, there will likely be nothing posted while I’m gone, but come mid-January we will be back in action. 


One response to “Heading for Uganda

  1. Praying for you friend! Have a wonderful trip! God Bless you!

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