Peruvian Adios

I never got a chance to post our delicious Peruvian dinner, so here are our pictures.

Purple Potatoes with Peruvian Cheese Sauce

I loved the unique cheese flavor of these potatoes, something I probably wouldn’t have come up with on my own, a combination of feta and cream-but really mild and a nice accompaniment to the chicken.

This chicken was also quite delicious and really easy to make.  I roasted them instead of grilling them and loved the simple lime juice and spice marinade.

Peruvian Grilled Chicken

Asparagus with Feta and Shallots

 Sadly, I am struggling to remember/find what exactly we enjoyed as our Peruvian dessert.  If I do, I will add that later.

Today as I was out shopping with Tallinn and explaining to him not to point, he reverted to pursing his lips as they do in Peru. I love that this is our little “not so secret” way of communicating that we learned from our study of Peru.

Gracias again Peru! Whenever we point with our lips, we will think of you.

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