Adios Espana

In my husband’s own words, “Tonight was one of the top five dinners we’ve had.”

Seriously though. It. Was. AMAZING!  Made me want to pick up and move to Spain right here and now, or at least visit one of our many students….

We’ll see how that plays out.

Tonight we had our special friend joining us and the kids excitedly greeted her at the door with “Dios miro todo lo que habia hecho, y era muy bueno. Genesis 1:31″.  They were so excited and pleased with themselves.  Crissy has been our dinner guest about every other Monday night for over a year now, but has been a friend for much longer.  (Actually, I have known Crissy since I was about 4-years-old.)  We are honored to call her friend as she brings such a joy and a depth to our evenings, along with lots of laughs and great conversation! 

Before we ate, we asked Crissy (who once lived in Venezuela and currently works with many Spanish speaking people at MIKA CDC-a WONDERFUL organization!) to pray in Spanish over our meal.  Addie, in her fantasy Spanish, joined along acting as if  Spanish was her first language.

For the menu tonight, we opted for a traditional “tapas-style” menu, featuring many different small dishes.  While the preparation for each dish was quite extensive, the end results were sublime.

Tonight’s Tapas Menu 

Pepper-Steak "Parfaits"

This recipe was adapted from here and was a wonderful combination of roasted red peppers, toasted baguette slices, pimento olives, spinach and  Spanish-style marinated steak strips.

Asparagus with Tomato Vinaigrette

This asparagus, taken from here, was served chilled with a tomato vinaigrette and hard-boiled egg on top. Amazing!

Fish in Pine Nut Sauce

Another delicious epicurious recipe gone good!  The ground pine nuts in this sauce definitely added to the flavor and the fish we used was fresh cod. While we’re still working on getting the kids to like fish, we rather enjoyed this entree.

Tortilla Espanola

This traditional “tortilla” (from the Food Network) or rather “omelette” was the perfect finish to our tapas-style meal.  Honestly, the caramelized onions, which browned on the stove for about an hour, might just have made it worth waiting for (it took a little longer than I expected.)

Of course all the while we were eating our fabulous dinner, we listened to some fun Salsa music, which got the kids out of their seats a bit early, shaking and moving all about.

And here is Crissy

we are muchos gracias to have her in our life.

Gracias Espana.

With so many wonderful friends to visit, we are sure to be there soon. Until then,

Adios y Hasta Luego!


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