“Hi” from Russia!  We landed today after a longer-than-expected fall break.  Fortunately on our break we got to join Brian on a wonderful business trip to Hawaii and that was much-needed for our family. A “real” flight this time, across the Pacific, and south to sunny (and a bit rainy and windy) Maui, with warm ocean waves and rainbows a-plenty, even some friendly sea turtles that approached us near the shore.  I am thankful, in this journey we’ve been on around the world, that we haven’t had to actually “fly” as often as we would have in this haphazard way that we’re circumnavigating the globe.  This gratefulness in avoiding air travel for our journey was further confirmed in our recent red-eye flight with our non-sleeping, screaming 2-year-old. Thus, we arrived back home at 4:45am exhausted, disoriented and ready to crash for a few days. 

Today we are still quite off and the kids went to bed just before 10 and even slept in this morning until about 9! (In the past I couldn’t get them to sleep in if I tried.)

And now, here we have landed “virtually” in the biggest country in the world, a country that finds itself in two continents, where the Trans-Siberian train can take you from European Russian to Asian Russia in just about a week.  Home to the deepest lake in the world (Lake Baikal), the biggest bell in the world (the Czar bell) and the most matryoshka dolls in the world (I made that up but I’m sure it’s true), Russia is a country that has so much for us to learn about and enjoy and we are excited to be here.

Today, after our geography lesson, Tallinn learned how to measure and space the lines of the flag on watercolor paper, then helped Addie and they painted the blue and red stripes on the bottom of the flag.

After the flag painting, the kids painted a variety of Russian cultural coloring pages that I found here.  I love this site as each coloring page also has a description and the kids and I learned a bit more about Russian culture through these fun pages.

This Week’s Verse:

Go into all the world and preach the Good News to all creation.

Mark 16:15

One response to “Privyet!

  1. I have many things from Russia if you want to use them to show the children.

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