Quietly Entering Qatar

Yesterday, we journeyed from the Philippines (which has just had some devastation and we are continuing to pray for them) northwest to the small “thumb-like” country of Qatar, the only country in the world that begins with “Q”.

Qatar, “cutter” as it is pronounced, actually has a bit of relevance for us as well.  My beloved, world-traveling, Aunt Jaci lived in Qatar with my Uncle for a few years as she taught school there. They are quite an adventuresome couple, constantly finding a new “undiscovered” place to journey to, sending us postcards along the way, even thoughtfully purchasing Christmas gifts from afar.

So here we are, back in the middle east, pretty quickly too as “O” is so close to “Q”, but as it is fresh, we are remembering much more.  Yesterday, we began with our geography lesson as usual, starring Doha, Qatar’s capital (where my aunt and uncle lived) and cutting zig-zagged maroon papers and adhering them to white to represent Qatar’s flag.

Oil-rich and desert filled, Qatar is an islamic nation, quite wealthy in fact due to their oil, where camels race and scorpions bite!  We dove into our library book on Qatar and then ventured into some new territory…Islamic Geometric Art.

I have to say, there is something about art that connects people together, something in its beauty that breaks down barriers and brings appreciation. It might even sound silly, but as I colored one of the beautiful designs I had downloaded, I was overcome by the beauty in this intricate art.  Islamic art is geometrical or floral because they do not believe in art that has people or “God” in it as that would be idolatry.  Instead, they have amazing patterns of circles interlaced forming flowers, interwoven creating further unique designs. (It really led to a GREAT geometry lesson for Tallinn).  I loved doing this project with Tallinn, even if it was simply coloring the designs with various shades of colored pencils, and Tallinn did, too. He has been printing the designs over and over and was even up at 6am in his room coloring yet another design. They are a bit time-consuming and not quite appropriate for young children, but perfect for a 6-year-old who considers coloring to be “his talent”.

To make it easy to begin, I numbered each different shape and Tallinn and I colored it together picking various numbers and colors.

Our finished design

My finished Piece

Tallinn’s fun masterpieces…

He is seriously having such a good time coloring and it’s been a perfect activity for another rainy week. I love how many different combinations of colors can be used with each design. The possibilities are endless!

This week’s verse:

“but those who hope

in the LORD

will renew their strength.

They will soar on wings like eagles,

they will walk and not grow weary,

they will run and not grow faint.”

Isaiah 40:31


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