Filipino Feast

In traditional Filipino fashion, we celebrated our final dinner with friends. Although in the Philippines it would have been with many family members as well as typical homes in the Philippines include grandparents aunts and uncles.  We, however, are limited to our immediate family, but fortunate enough to have some wonderful neighbors.

Tonight’s Menu

Chicken Adobo with Rice

Spinach with Garlic, Soy Sauce and Vinegar


Sweet Rolls

I found these rolls on and they were super easy to make using a breadmaker.  They aren’t exactly a “Filipino” recipe, but in the Philippines it’s very common to eat sweet rolls with dinner.

Leche Flan

In my research of Filipino dishes, I came to discover, as is often the case, a few ingredients that frequented several of the dishes: soy sauce, garlic and vinegar.  Having cooked over 20 different ethnic dinners thus far, I love learning what the staple flavors are from region to region.  Hopefully this will help in the future as I attempt to continue making international meals.  The leche flan for dessert was super sweet for our family, which might be shocking as we do have an appreciation for all things desserty. However, the sweetened condensed milk combined with the caramel sauce made for an oober-sweet flat.  It definitely had a different, unique taste and I have to say the kids didn’t complain, but we might save this recipe as a memory of our fun visit to this land of many islands.

Before our dinner, Brian and the kids worked on some Filipino Christmas Stars (one of the few Filipino crafts I found for kids).  This craft, found on Family Fun and was a bit labor intensive, so we adjusted it a bit to suit our family. 

We didn't have the wood sticks required, so we used a broken wooden fan instead and the kids colored each piece.

Throughout last week we read some fabulous books on the Philippines, including…

This sweet book taught us about different Filipino holidays, folk tales and the amazingly gentle Carabao (water buffalo) that helps the Filipino people with their staple crop: rice.

Thank you, Philippines, for another wonderful week. We will continue to raise our eyebrows as we greet each other “hello” and we hope to one day visit, especially Palawan, and enjoy all that your island nation has to offer.


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