Uma Raimi

In ancient Incan culture, there were twelve months of 30 days, each having their own festival.  October was referred to as “Uma Raimi” or “festival of the water”.  How appropriate that our week learning about Peru has so far been one of constant rain!  All the more reason to enjoy our delicious Peruvian Hot Chocolate (which ran out yesterday as we shared it with some friends. I guess we’ll have to make some more 🙂 ).

Today, we continued reading on in our “Secret of the Andes” book which is all about a little boy who lives in the Andes with an old man who found him as a small baby and together they raise llamas alone at the top of a hidden valley.  Cusi, the main character, has never seen other people before until recently and Chuto, the old man, is going to take him on a journey to learn about where he came from.  While they are preparing to leave their llamas with a traveling minstrel, Cusi snuggles up with his “humming” friends and says his goodbyes.

As we are learning quite a bit about llamas, particularly this humming sound they make, we did a YouTube search for “humming llamas” and got to hear a bit of the sounds ourselves and pretend like we were in the Andes with Cusi.

Next, we used some of the clay from the wonderful woman at the Global Village Festival to make some llamas of our own.

First little Llama

Tallinn adding some hair to his Llama

Addie's Llama with a rather large tail

The three grazing Peruvians

How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news.  Isaiah 52:7

I’m loving this week’s verse and how appropriate it is and while it continues to drizzle, we’ll continue on like the Incas in our festival of the water, Uma Raimi.


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