Breakfast for Dinner, Omani-Style

As we had quite the day yesterday at the Global Village Festival, we opted for an easy, Omani breakfast for our final meal.  Here’s what I loved about this meal: Cardamom.  I’m definitely planning on adding it to our typical morning meal as well, maybe even in my coffee.  

Omani Breakfast Menu  

Omani Breakfast Tea


Omanis begin each day with a delicious cup of tea. This is made by boiling water, a bit of sugar and a couple of tea bags. Once the water boils unsweetened evaporated milk and cardamom are added.  Absolutely delicious, a big hit for everyone, particularly Tallinn!   




This dish is very basic, made with onions, tomatoes and eggs (and I added a bit of the feta we purchased at the middle eastern market).  

We used the tomatoes from our Garden


Potato and Onion Omelet


With the egg dishes, we used pitas and made little pita egg sanwiches, even mixing the two together.    



Thin Pancakes


Drizzled with a bit of Honey


The thin pancakes are a typical dish made when guests stop by to visit as they are quick and easy to make and traditionally served with coffee. These were made with flour, water, salt and cardamom.  So easy and super tasty!  

Another successful “dinner”, another successful week.  Oman, we really have so much more to learn about your intriguing country, but we thank you for a fabulous introduction!  

This Week’s Verse  

Then will the lame leap like a   


and the mute tongue shout for  


Water will gush forth in the   


and streams in the desert.  

Isaiah 35:6


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