Today’s Adventure

In researching local activities in our area we came across the Global Village Festival in Irvine and it couldn’t have been more appropriate for our study.  It was, quite possibly, the best festival I have ever been to and entirely FREE.   Here are some of the countries represented.  There were over 50 total! 


Korean Women's Choir


Korean Ladies Doing Brush Painting


A Beautiful Brush Painted Card for Me


Transformed into Wedding Ceremony Hanboks



Getting ready for the Ceremony


A Korean Game





Various Japanese Toys




















There was also this wonderful art booth with an artist making pottery using a pottery wheel.  It was absolutely perfect as pottery is one of the items Oman is known for producing and I had tried to find someone with a pottery wheel.   Unfortunately, I stepped away with the camera when Tallinn got a chance at the wheel. 



She even passed around clay for each of the kids


The Kids’ Village was also super fun! 



There was also lots of free stuff to be had.

Tallinn made a basket at the basketball booth and won a free soccer ball!

Everyone got a frisbee

Brian won tickets for a free train ride at a local park.  I won tickets for a local amusement park.  The Chinese language school passed out free spinning egg toys.  There were free balloon animals, free henna hand painting…free, free, free. Except the food and that wasn’t terribly expensive and I would have taken pictures had we not just picked up whatever we could find and wolfed it down amongst the five of us. There was Indian food, Vietnamese food, Mexican, Korean, French, Italian and American food.  And ice cream, which we enjoyed very much as it was another hot festival today.  Hot, but SO worth it and SO fun. We will definitely be putting this on our list of events not to miss in the future.


3 responses to “Today’s Adventure

  1. So fun seeing you guys there. Funny thing, Calen made a basket at that booth and DIDN’T get ball. We got 1 free kids meal at islands and 4 free kids meals at CPK. We aren’t complaining. 🙂

    • Haha! I think the guy realized Tallinn was too little for the fun prizes-race tracks, etc., but that he could care less about free food. I was definitely trying to go for the free food, but the ball is quite a legit prize!

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