Viking Festival

We were so fortunate this week to have found a local Viking Festival put on by the Sons of Norway.  Yesterday, after coming up with some make-shift costumes….a towel cape, big t-shirt with mom’s belt, napkins as head coverings and a $1 Viking Hat found at Target….we made our way to the Festival. 






The Menu




Norwegian Sampler Platter with Lingonberry Lemonade


Viking Feast






Fresh Hot Bread






One Sleepy Viking


It was super hot and  all the kids were red-faced and tired when we got home. Although, we still managed to have an excellent time and I was super impressed by all the different exhibits they had, including some authentic Norwegian music in the “Beer Garden”.  We couldn’t hang long enough for the fish fling and log toss, which the kids really wanted to do, but we did get a fun feel for what Viking life may have been like.  As it continues to be scorching hot, we decided to consider our Sampler Platter and the kids’ “Troll Treats” to be sufficient for our Norwegian food sampling. We also tried the Lefse-thin potato pancakes with cinnamon and sugar-for dessert, but I’m not sure where that picture went.  And, we definitely enjoyed the lingonberry lemonade on this super hot day.  

Thank you Norway, Tusen takk.  I hope to be back in your fjords someday and as we put on our Viking attire, we will be reminded of your great country.  

Ha det!

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