Fjords and Arctic Currents

The past few days as we’ve studied about Norway, we have learned about their many fjords (narrow passages of water with cliffs on both sides), glaciers, the ancient Sami people group in the northernmost part of Norway-Finmark, their love of music and more.  We even learned that the name of Norway-Norge in Norwegian-came about because Norway is the Northernmost country in Europe. 

Today, after a couple of days of reading, we took a field trip to our local aquarium. Now, this doesn’t necessarily have much to do with Norway, but it was “home school day” at the aquarium and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Also, because Norway is such a coastal nation, tying in ocean studies does actually fit into our week, even if the oceanic creatures are a bit different in the arctic. 

So, here are some fun shots of our day today….. 








last night we had red snapper for dinner, so fun to see some in the exhibit today



one of my favorites....sea dragons




Addie and Tal both brought backpacks and journals and were quick to bust them out when the opportunity arose to capture what they saw on paper. 

Honestly, how fun is homeschooling?


2 responses to “Fjords and Arctic Currents

  1. love it! so fun

  2. It looks like Monterey Bay aquarium that we visited recently too. Sea dragons and sea horses were fantastic.

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