Norway: Land of the Northern Lights

Yesterday, we crossed the equator once again and traveled WAY north to Norway.  While I have been to Norway briefly and have some trinkets and funny memories of our trip (my father who doesn’t drink alcohol taking a big chug of dark foamy beer, thinking it was iced tea, among a few) Norway is currently close to our heart for other reasons.  As I have shared before we named each of our children after capital cities.  Recently we have stepped forth in adopting another sweet baby boy from Korea.  After circumnavigating the world a few times, we landed on Oslo for his name….Oslo Jeremiah Wu.

I LOVE it and was so excited yesterday when I realized that the picture I painted a few years back with cities that are meaningful to our family (I got the idea from the Land of Nod) also included Oslo.  It’s perfect!

We began like usual, with our map coloring and flag craft, this time a “snowflake flag” that I found on patriocrafts .  This was a bit tricky to cut so I helped a bit.

Today we read a Viking book that my parents brought back from a recent trip to Norway.

We learned about the different journeys of the vikings, the foods they ate and the clothing they wore. We saw pictures of different Viking weaponry and ships and, perhaps most importantly, read about Leif Eriksson, the Norwegian (Viking) who really discovered America.

After perusing the pictures in this lovely book, we moved onto another “new book” that was a recent gift from my mom’s friend. I’m so thankful for this book that is actually quite old but contains several fun, somewhat authentic, stories about different children from all over the world.

(not the best picture, but you get the idea).

In this sweet book we read about Olga from Norway and how she learns how to go ice-fishing with her father in winter and loves being out in the Northern Lights.  When summer comes, Olga’s family returns to the hills with their cattle and farm animals to their dairy farm, making lots of cheese and butter in preparation for the cold winter to come.

We have much more to learn about this great Scandinavian nation and are excited about what we’ve learned thus far.  For our verse this week, I chose the verse that we have chosen to be Oslo’s life verse.

I know, O LORD,

that a man’s life is

 not his own;

it is not for a man to direct his


Jeremiah 10:23

3 responses to “Norway: Land of the Northern Lights

  1. I stumbled upon your blog from Love2LearnToday and amazed at your journey. I also teach my daughter (who is soon to be 4) geography, but now I wish that I built an entire curriculum around it like you did. We haven’t “visited” Norway yet (I also was there in person about 10 years ago) and I am looking forward to see what you will do on your journey.

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