Marvelous Morocco

If I think back on some of the fabulous things I did pre-marriage/children, missing my opportunity to go to Morocco is not one of them.  We were so close, only a small sea away and could even see Morocco in the distance, sitting there on the rock of Gibraltar in Spain, monkeys perched on our shoulders.  I was CHICKEN, plain and simple, studying abroad with my school, an entire semester devoted to studying the arts in Europe, away from home, somewhat independent, but not quite adventurous enough to go to Morocco.

Kathleen would have gone.  She would have even gone by herself if she could have worked it out.  But fears got the best of me and now, as we have ventured from Mexico to Morocco I have nothing personal to share with my children about this wonderful country, nothing but books and passed on information. Nothing firsthand.

Yesterday, we headed east to Morocco. Desert-filled, mountainous, beautifully decorated Morocco, where a red star is centered on a green backdrop as their flag.  We just colored the flags this time as the beginning of homeschooling has taken me a few steps back and I’m trying to make my way and organize my thoughts and ideas and still take care of the other needs surrounding my life as “mom”. 

Tal mounted his on two different sheets of paper and added some of his own flair.

I’m trying to let Addie become a bit more independent so she cut hers out as well and wrote an “A” on the bottom.

Today, we continued on in our journey and took a trip to the library.  Confession: the library is not my thing.  I don’t know why, but I am super intimidated by the library and haven’t been the greatest about taking frequent trips.  Now that we are “officially” homeschooling, I have made a decision to change this, particularly as there is a delicious coffee shop nearby to keep me motivated to avoid late fees (also the motivation of late fees is motivation in and of itself).  So, today we ventured to the big local library and got a bit more familiar with the sections, computer catalog, etc.  Had I been SUPER organized, which I am not, we could have even pre-ordered our books and just picked them up.  For someone like me, who hasn’t been a library person thus far, that’s pretty fantastic!  However, there is something exciting about spending a little time in the children’s section browsing the titles, letting the kids do some puzzles and play on the computers. I let each of them choose a book on Morocco (worked out perfectly as they only had two Morocco selections 🙂 ). 

We tried to find an actual Moroccan storybook, but that was at another library and I was pretty libraried out for one day (another time).

This afternoon we read the first Moroccan book and learned a bunch about Moroccan culture while viewing the beautiful marketplaces, mosques and coastline.  We commented on how much color is everywhere in Morocco even down to the shoes!   Then, using cut-out pictures of camels and black paper, we made camel silhouettes.

 I showed Tallinn how to do a sun-setting with watercolors and he painted his version of a sunset while I cut-out another camel image.

While I have some serious regrets about missing my chance to see Morocco, at least I can live vicariously through books and the internet as we journey through northern Africa.


One response to “Marvelous Morocco

  1. I stumbled upon ur blog while googling for “cute berber men”. lol not kidding…its to reminisce a recent trip I’ve made. I am an avid traveller but Morocco scores high on the list of madness and great fun. The souks with things unimaginable and the stargazing in the desert with what wld otherwise be lame berber jokes but given that particular ambience brought huge laughters. Your children are lucky they r given an early exposure of varied cultures. It’s one of life’s great lessons to embrace diversities. Hope u wldnt grumble so much later on when they r old enough to let wanderlust strike them : 🙂 Keep up the gd work guys!

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