Let the homeschooling begin!

On Monday night we busted out the roasted potatoes with lemon and coriander that we made during Lebanon week and this weekend I plan on making the shish barak.

I’m also officially beginning homeschooling Tallinn next week, a little scattered, with a million ideas flying around in my head, but, as we really skipped Kindergarten this is our first year of actual homeschooling and I’m excited about it.  One thing is certain, we are going to continue our learning journey and implement it into our studies.  So, things will likely not look too different around here.

Today I spent some time with Tallinn going over his new “buckets”.  Each morning, when he wakes up (he’s been the first one awake in our family from the get-go) he will have a different activity to complete in each bucket.

The first bucket will focus on writing, basically, writing lowercase letters.  When he was around 3-years-old, he basically taught himself how to write his letters and has been using capitals ever since.  It’s time to incorporate some lowercase.  Using 3×5 cards, I pre-wrote the letters in groups of 3 and placed them into the bucket along with 2 die and a dry-erase marker.  His job each morning, using his dry-erase board with pre-drawn lines for writing ($1 at Target), is to pick a card, roll the die, add up the numbers, then write the letters as many times as the die say.

In the second bucket, labeled “how much”, will be various coins and he will use the other side of his dry-erase board to write how much the total value of coins is.

The third bucket is geography review with flash cards of flags of the world. Each day, I’ll put one in the bucket and he’ll have to find that country on the map and identify it with a star sticker.

At this point everything is new and exciting, but we’ll see how long it lasts. Fortunately, I have lots of fun things up my sleeve to change things up and am just as excited about our learning adventure as he is!

Let the fun begin!


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