One Ginormous Pinata and a Fiesta Dinner a la Mexicana

Monday night we finished our Mexico week fiesta-style and, just in time, Brian got a new memory card so I was able to catch it on camera.(Apparently, this event also wiped me out as it has taken me a few days to post our fun.)  

Around lunchtime my sweet neighbor, “Grandma Doris” as we call her, came over with her tortilla maker and some ingredients and taught me how to make Sopes, traditional corn tortillas, folded and served with chicken, onions… I watched as she, with her hands, scooped out handfuls of corn flour and slowly mixed in warm water, all without any measuring whatsoever.  

Now at this point, I didn’t have the new memory chip and solely relied on the wonderful quality of the camera in my phone, and as I just uploaded my phone’s pictures had the not-so-timely realization that my phone’s memory card and our camera’s memory card are the same! Hmm, coulda used that about five days ago.  Oh well, such is life.  

Abuela Doris


Una Tortilla


Me, acting as assistant in my kitchen


Once the proper consistancy was met and approved by Grandma Doris, she used her tortilla maker to make a thicker, smaller “sope”.  Then, the sopes were cooked on a flat skillet until light brown on both sides and puffed up.  


Then, Grandma Doris passed them off to me and showed me how to pinch up the edges making them into a small “bowl”. This was HOT, HOT, HOT as they needed to be warm when you pinched them. Of course I didn’t use the towel like she showed me and just tried to tough it out with my bare fingertips.  


When everything was ready, we gathered our families together for some delicious traditional Mexican cuisine. Turns out there wasn’t much I ended up doing except for the dessert. Our friendly neighbors brought the filling for the sopes, beans, a delicious vegetable sopa and Agua de Jamaica-a sweet hibiscus tea that was a huge hit!  We added some sour cream and cheese (although apparently ours wasn’t at all Mexican like the label said) cilantro, lettuce, onions and then we ate!  

Vegetabel Sopa


Making the Sopes




Sopes Round Two with Tomatilla Salsa


 Our neighbors, Francisco (or San Francisco as Tallinn calls him), Grandma Doris, and Doris.   


Tallinn found a new fun place for the kids’ table, under the countertop.  


After dinner, the real fun began….a lifesize version of Pooh for the pinata, which was apparently all Brian could find on his quest into a more Latino nearby neighborhood to search for an authentic pinata.  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such a massive display of paper mache.  



We probably should have invited the whole neighborhood as we had enough candy for a small village.  

There is almost nothing funnier to me than spinning someone around and having them walk/run/try to hit a pinata. We had quite a few laughs watching the kids fall over time and again.  Tradition has each pinata “hitter” spin around once for each year of their life.  I also took a shot at the pinata, but didn’t quite spin around the 25 necessary times :).  

Addie taking her best swing


Doris and her husband Richard and their son little Ricky



Collecting the fun



Doris and her parents sang a traditional song sung in Mexico while someone is swinging at a pinata as the kids took their turns.  She couldn’t remember it entirely, but after each child went she remembered more and more and said it’s something like “hit it, hit it…” (sadly that’s all I remember). 

After blasting away the pinata, we came inside for some coffee and flan.  This picture is terrible, but it tasted delicious and got great reviews from all who partook. 


And that concludes our week fantastico in Mexico. We are so thankful for the help from our amazing neighbors and we are so glad to have a little bit of Mexico right across the street. 

Gracias Mexico! It won’t be long before we return, we promise. 

Long Viva Mexico! 

Now, as far as our family goes, we’re officially on summer break and will begin our journey again just after Labor Day. Stay tuned!

One response to “One Ginormous Pinata and a Fiesta Dinner a la Mexicana

  1. Only 25 times to spin around! Not such exaggeration. And you are still so young. Looked like such fun all the pinata and delicious looking meal.

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