Missing Memory Card

Okay so not long ago one of our dear, sweet children decided to play with our camera while the lens was extended and managed to get the lens stuck in place rendering it useless.  We actually did have insurance on our FIRST camera, the same brand/model, but already had replaced it once and they only cover one camera per policy.  Thus, we were forced to purchase a new camera.

Now, it would have worked really nicely to buy another Canon like before and use our same memory cards, however the Sony was a much better price and, much to my father’s dismay we changed brands.  This would have been all well and great for our Mexico week had another one of our sneaky children not gone and lost our sole memory card to use with the new Sony camera.  I’m actually quite surprised the memory card lasted this long as it was slammed into the door of our hard-drive cabinet by another wonderful child recently and permanently bent in half, with a portion of the end missing.  Nonetheless, that hardy memory card managed to make it through our travels….that is until now.  It is gone, disappeared into the abyss, likely along with all the socks that we haven’t recovered, a few of my favorite earrings…

So, we HAVE been celebrating Mexico this week, I just haven’t been able to capture our experiences on film.  I haven’t been able to capture the Amate Bark Paintings we’ve been working on that I found on a fabulous art teacher’s blog and purchased in a PDF packet of 4 different around the world art lessons for $5, or the new marionette doll our neighbor gave Tallinn from Mexico (holding a pistol in it’s hand). I haven’t been able to capture our kids practicing speaking in Spanish, although Addie claims to know Spanish already and you should hear her sometime. It’s awesome!

Knowing our pace in purchasing new things, there is also a slight chance I won’t be able to capture the fun-filled fiesta night we have planned with our Mexican neighbors for tomorrow night, pinata and all.

I guess the moral of the story is, NEVER EVER let your kids touch, breathe on, smell, talk to, draw pictures of, etc. your camera OR its memory card.

Hoping to post some funness again soon.

Adios Muchachos!

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