Moving on to Mexico

There is a latin feeling in the air today in our home. We have arrived in Mexico, our Spanish-speaking neighbor to the south.  Being so close to Mexico we also have several Mexican neighbors and friends, so this week will be a bit more familiar and we’re going to have fun with it! 

While busting out our Mexican tunes, we left Lebanon on the globe and traveled south to Mexico where summer reigns and the weather is hot!  The kids placed stars on Veracruz where our wonderful neighbors are from, before coloring their maps. On I found a fun accordion-style Mexican flag that we colored and folded into an accordion fan. 


Tallinn pretending to play the accordion


Then, we finished with an edible flag….our first!  Using slices of bread topped with cream cheese I made the green and red stripes with various fruits/vegetables, then sprinkled a few sunflower seeds in the middle to resemble the Eagle that is on the Mexican flag. 

The all-veggie, best actual flag match Mexican Flag Snack


Option B: 1/2 veggie 1/2 fruit, using red grapes instead of red bell pepper, preferred more by the samplers.


Option C: The all-fruit option, grapes and pomegranate seeds

The Happy Samplers 



 There you have it.   Let the fun begin! 

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