Scents of Cedar

Today we had some fun with cedar.  After checking a few places for cedar chips, etc. we found cedar drawer planks at The Container Store. While cedar is a bit more expensive ($10 for a pack of 5), in this case these will have a dual-purpose for us as actual drawer liners and crafts.

First, the kids spent some time smelling the cedar.  Immediately for me, I had flashbacks of our childhood hamsters. For the kids, this was the first time they’ve smelled cedar and since it has such a powerful fragrance we decided to remember to pray for Lebanon each time we smell it.

Since the planks are rectangular, I thought it would be fun to do a type of wood-carving craft on them and Brian came up with an easy, non-dangerous way to carve.  I carved my name first and showed Tallinn how to do it. Then, I held the chisel and he hammered his name. Apparently I underestimated Tallinn’s carving abilities and he eagerly carved out “Cardiff” and “Daddy” all on his own.  The letters are quite Greek in style as it wasn’t easy to make curves and since the cedar planks came in packs of five, we each have a personalized cedar drawer liner to remind us of our journey to Lebanon.

Even Cardiff tried it!

We have one more to do as Addie went on a little afternoon date with her daddy while the boys and I got busy with the hammer. 

Tomorrow we will conclude with our Lebanese dinner!

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