Attempting Arabic

Today we ventured into a new learning activity….writing in Arabic.  Of course it would be helpful to have learned ahead of time what each letter is, etc., but instead, we went straight to the writing.

Thanks to the internet there are programs online where all you have to do is enter your name and they will translate it into arabic for you.  Of course, the arabic is teeny-tiny and hard to read, unless you are willing to pay for a larger version (that’s how they hook you, I guess). But, we opted to attempt reading the small versions and do it ourselves.

Yesterday, my mom was babysitting the kids for a while and got some inspiration from our Lebanon 1-2-3 book. She and Tallinn came up with their own Lebanese rug designs which I think turned out very well.  We decided to add these designs to the Arabic name to give it a very Arabic feel.

I would love to say that Cardiff did this entire project himself, but let’s remember, he’s TWO!    Here’s mine:

After a few practice rounds on his easel, Tallinn tried his on paper….

then he added some Arabic-rug-style-artwork….and a turtle.

As I’m really nothing of an Arabic expert I have no idea what our finished names even say :), but they appear Arabic and seem to resemble the internet translations we found.

Poor Addie missed out today as she desperately needed a nap. We might try again tomorrow but I do think this is a bit advanced for her as well.

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