Landing in Lebanon

Well, we barely left South Africa as I think the coziness of winter grounded our feet a bit and, with our virtual hot chocolate, we found it quite hard to leave.  That and a not-so-fun illness that kept us up most nights and housebound.

Happily, we are healthy again and ready to move….and we’re back to summer!  From one of the most Southern points, we have ventured north to the Mediterranean.  Famous for “the best food in the world” according to some, and large stately cedar trees, once used to help build the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, we have landed in Lebanon.

This small, mountainous country of lute-playing and religious diversity has been in existence since ancient times, going back as far as 7,000 years.  Once ruled by the French, it has much to offer in the way of cuisine and culture so we’re diving in and going as deep as we can possibly go in a week.

For our geography today, we traveled the globe to Lebanon and remembered that it was near Israel and Greece.  Then, we did a flag painting craft after observing different pictures of  the famous Lebanese Cedar Trees.  Using some new 5 cent rulers Brian bought on sale, we practiced drawing the three segments of the flag, then the kids got started with their cedar trees.

Once the trees were finished, they painted the red borders of the flag using a wide paint brush.

And, Voila!  The finished flags. I love the way they turned out!

My flag


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