South African Finale

We’re saying goodbye to South Africa with unfinished projects and dreams of visiting someday.  This week, we even got to watch Invictus, which was a great story of how Nelson Mandela used rugby to bring the people of South Africa together.  I’m not sure how much of the story is completely accurate, but it was definitely an inspiring movie and I loved learning a little bit more about South Africa.

Our A-Z Animals of South Africa book is almost finished and even dad helped on this one.

I have to say, he can color a mean giraffe when he puts his mind to it.

Today, we began a South African project that I found  from se7en on the crafty crow blog, making South African Rainbow People. We will try to finish them tomorrow as we didn’t have a chance today, but you can check out the link for details on how they are made and I’ll post our finished product soon. Here’s what we’ve done so far-tracing the pattern and cutting out the cardboard people.

Later, we celebrated with our finale dinner.  I had planned on doing a Bobotie recipe with yellow rice that I found on se7en’s blog, which is similar to a shepherd’s pie, but it is so hot here and I felt like a summer recipe would be more appropriate.  (As it is winter in South Africa, I’m sure the traditional Bobotie is a perfect winter dish!)  Fortunately, I got a great idea from se7en to do a braai (pronounced “bry”) which basically means Barbeque.  So, with some tips from her, I reconfigured the Bobotie into  Bobotie Burgers 🙂 (my name) and they were a big hit with our guests.  

Bobotie Burgers

I did neglect to brown the onions ahead of time, but they turned out delicious all the same.  We served the burgers with the recommended yellow rice and BBQ’d corn on the cob.

Basmati rice with cinnamon sticks and turmeric

The flavors in both the burgers and the rice were so nice, not too strong, but enough to delight one’s palate.  I’m sure I will be making both of these again!

Lastly, we finished our meal with a traditional South African milk tart.  This reminded me very much of a vanilla steamer in a cake form…AMAZING and even nice for breakfast (as our dinner guest and se7en suggested).  There are great directions for how to make the milk tart on se7en’s blog as well.  Here’s our milk tart  (with only one small piece left for breakfast, the lucky early riser will definitely get a treat tomorrow).

Marvelous Milk Tart!

Wow, another fabulous journey, another amazing land!  We have really enjoyed our time in South Africa and really really hope to travel there someday in person.

Thank you, South Africa and thank you Se7en for all your help!  We have had such a wonderful week+ and now must say our goodbyes.



This week’s verse:

Know that the LORD is God. It is he who made us and we are his. We are his people the sheep of his pasture.  Psalm 100:3

(for the next few weeks we’ll be memorizing all of Psalm 100)

2 responses to “South African Finale

  1. It was amazing!! You always make my tummy happy 😉 thanks for sharing this wonderful meal with us

  2. I loved the milk tart! Awesome!

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