Letters to Luxolo

Another country, another child sponsored, Luxolo, 10 years old and living in South Africa.

As we are learning about his country this week, we thought it appropriate to send him a little note  telling him we are thinking of him.

Along with notes, we added some stickers and some coloring pages.  This is the COOLEST thing I have to share: Crayola.com has a program where you can upload a picture of your family and they will create a coloring page of it!  It’s SUPER fun and we decided to send Luxolo a couple of coloring pages of our family.  I’m absolutely LOVING this program!

Just go to www.crayola.com/colorme and you can do it yourself. 

Someday maybe we’ll be able to meet Luxolo in person.


2 responses to “Letters to Luxolo

  1. rad!!! so cool. will need to try this.


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