From Aardvarks to Zebras


Amazingly in South Africa you can find an animal for almost every letter of the alphabet.   

Today we began making a book for our family (that’s our cover at the top), each member assigned a different animal page to color.  Personally, I had fun discovering the Dugong, a manatee-like sea elephant, while Tallinn got serious about the Aardvark and Addie attacked the elephant.  We found a great selection of animal coloring pages here. And some other fun animals here. Another great site with a complete list of African Animals A-Z is here.  While there are a few to choose for most letters, we stuck to the one that seemed most interesting. Here’s our South Africa Animal List:   

Aardvark   Buffalo Cheetah  Dugong  Elephant  Flamingo  Giraffe   Hippopotamus   Impalas  Jackal Kudu
Lion   Monkey  Nyala Okapi  Porcupine   Quagga  Rhinoceros   Squirrel Tortoise GnU   Vulture   Warthog  LynX    

Yellow Mongoose   Zebra

I’m excited to see how our finished book turns out….here’s a sneak peek at our little bit of progress today.   


by Tallinn

by Addie

by Mommy

Maybe when Brian’s fulfilling his dream of swimming with sharks, I can hang out with the Dugongs. They look so friendly!

One response to “From Aardvarks to Zebras

  1. Can’t wait to see the finished booklets.

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