Pizza and FIFA

What an incredible ending to the World Cup!  Today we watched this big event on a big screen with lots of friends, several Dutch, as we supported our student from Spain-Eva, and cheered for her country.  Munching on pizza and eager to shout “GOL” , we were so excited to be a part of this truly “world” event (sorry baseball fans but I have a hard time buying into the “World Series” as a World event).   

Super Big Screen!




In the midst of it all, we were reminded of the great country hosting this year’s display of athletic prowess and determination.  


Tomorrow we will continue on in our journey in South Africa as this has been a slower travel week for us with all of our flight delays and stopovers :).

One response to “Pizza and FIFA

  1. What a day and a few less excited soccer fans attended. Sorry for those from Holland.

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