A Slow Journey to South Africa

We’re moving slowly this week, perhaps it was the full week of VBS that knocked me off me feet, or the fun-filled fourth of July weekend, or the gloomy weather that has been keeping the kids in their PJs these past few days, or maybe a combo of all of the above.

So now, here we are, mid-week, entering the land of world cup festivities. Years ago I watched a wonderful movie called The Power of One about a girl and boy who fall in love in the midst of the political turmoil in South Africa during the 1950s.  This movie drew me in to this great country and ever since then it has been quite dear to my heart, so much so that we sponsor a young boy from South Africa and would love to even adopt a South African someday (if it opens up to the US).  Of course I would also love to go and visit and take a safari and see the beautiful sights.  Brian wants to swim with sharks but I have told him not in my lifetime.

Today we began with our typical geography lesson, traveling from Korea to South Africa, showing the similar latitude to Australia and the somewhat closeness to Antarctica.  We then ventured on to our yarn flags, which we made by punching holes and threading the six colors of the SA flag through.  This activity was excellent for working on fine motor skills and, surprisingly, Addie was much more interested in completing hers than Tallinn and didn’t even want my help!  (If you know Addie you know what a big deal this is as fine motor has often been a struggle for her.)  Yay, progress!

Finished Flags

And, in case you might be thinking that we completely skipped our own country for the biggest US day of the year…here are a few pictures of our Independence Day celebration. 

Brian attached our flag to the rickshaw for the neighborhood bike parade.

I am so thankful to live in this great land and for all who sacrificed so we could be free!


One response to “A Slow Journey to South Africa

  1. Another good movie to watch is INVICTUS with Morgan Freeman and Matt Dillon. Great Rugby moves in film along with a great message and scenery.

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