Hanbok Fashion Show

In Korea, typically children that are waiting for their forever families are placed into a “foster home”.  Unlike foster homes in the US, these foster parents only have one baby at a time and usually babies stay in the same home the entire time they are waiting for their families.  Because there is the option of having an escort bring the children from Korea to the US, many don’t get the opportunity to meet these amazing foster parents who have cared so lovingly for their children.

I feel so thankful and privileged that both times I have been able to meet with my children’s foster mothers and learn from them as they describe my children’s day-to-day activities and special ways to take care of them.  These foster mothers truly have loved my children and it has been so evident in the pictures and albums they have provided along with the sweet Korean hanboks  they have purchased for each child in our family. (Each time they have made sure they had one for each child that was the right size!) I have cried with these loving mothers and painfully watched them say annyeonghi gaseyo to Addie and Cardiff as we brought them into our family forever.

We have many mementos left from our visits and meetings with these foster parents and several pictures of our kids in their traditional Korean costumes-the hanbok.  This past year, my wonderful friend Robin wanted to try out her photography skills with the kids and the pictures turned out beautifully.

By far the cutest little models I ever did see.

One response to “Hanbok Fashion Show

  1. Oh so cute and they are all my special grandchildren. Love each of them so much!

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