Kim of Korea

For Christmas, my thoughtful aunt Priscilla sent the kids one of her favorite childhood books-Kim of Korea.  This book, written shortly after the Korean war, tells the story of a Korean orphan boy, Kim, who is befriended by an American soldier who, not long after meeting him decides he wants to adopt him and bring him back to America.  As the wait  for his soldier “Len” proves longer than expected, Kim decides to go searching for “Ren”.

This sweet story has been the longest book I’ve read to the kids so far and we read it as much as possible, but, I have to confess that it captured my attention so much the first night I read it to them that I continued on by myself for another 100 pages until I was beckoned to come play games with the adults in my family.

My aunt said this story really touched her growing up and she wanted to share it with our kids as we have such a connection to Korea.  As it is quite an old book, she also could only find a library edition for us, but I actually love that!

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