Mini Gondolas

It’s been awhile since I’ve been on a gondola, far too long, in my opinion. What could be more romantic than having someone push you gently along quiet waters, under bridges and street lamps while the gondolier sings and you sip on wine in a cozy little seat for two with your love?  Several anniversaries ago Brian took me on a local gondola ride where we enjoyed wine and appetizers as well. It was wonderful!  Of course I had to share some pictures with our kids of our experience before we began today’s craft.

I got this fun idea from and I wish the pictures were a bit better, but I was in a bit of a hurry I guess.  Basically I cut out the gondola shapes on black paper and stapled the edges shut forming a curve in the middle.  Next, using a fun origami paper, I cut out the golden gondola design and the kids glued them in place.  For the base, we used card stock strips folded in half and cut in the center to keep the boats uprights.  The kids used different colored glitter glues to design the rest of their gondola and Tallinn decided to use a bunch of different origami paper pieces to decorate his.  It was an easy, simple craft that the kids really enjoyed and I said “Bravo” for a job well done!

We also spent several minutes looking at the pictures in my Williams and Sonoma  Savoring Italy  cookbook which just makes me salivate every time I look at it, but it also has beautiful pictures of the Italian countryside, cafes, famous artwork and ancient structures.  In my opinion it was a very educational book about Italy, even if the subject was food.  After all, we all need to eat….so later today, that’s just what we’ll do, eat and enjoy more delicious Italian food. Last night we had a wonderful rigatoni (leftover from our flag craft) with Italian sausage, prosciutto and Parmesan Reggiano in a light tomato/garlic sauce, served with asparagus and garlic bread.  (Sorry I made this one up on the fly and don’t have any recipe to offer.) 

And, the night before we had spinach spaghetti with a delicious pesto sauce, fresh from our garden (another recipe I just whipped up but it was basically olive oil, basil, parmesan and pine nuts.)

Tonight we’ll be attempting pizza! It might just be my favorite.

4 responses to “Mini Gondolas

  1. Yum! Sydney found a map of Venice today that we used on our trip there. What an amazing place.

  2. those gondolas are so cute!!
    what a fun project to do with the kids.
    thanks for joining in the fun over at my blog. hope your day is a happy one.

  3. Fun craft and yes those rides are the best. The food looks yummy.

  4. good times…

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