Confession, I have wasted ridiculous amounts of time watching So You Think You Can Dance and while I would love to say it has motivated me to take up dancing and get into super-amazing shape, it really has just been pure entertainment.  But, because of my interest in the show, I got to watch an amazing bollywood dance a few years ago and decided today would be our India “Bollywood” day.

The kids and I parked it in front of the computer for a bit and watched my favorite SYTYCD bollywood performance and then a few other bollywood videos from India. 

Then, we had our own little bollywood fun.  Rummaging through all of our costume boxes we came up with the closest “Indian-type” costumes we could find.  For Tallinn, this meant a NASA jumpsuit, for Car, just a fun scarf and for Addie, well we kind of tied her up in a few things. I had such a great time watching the kids dance their own interpretation of this amazing Indian style of dance.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Namaste! Tomorrow we’ll have lots of surprises in store.


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