Letters to Varsha

Several years ago I was attending a Sara Groves concert at a local church.  (If you haven’t heard of Sara Groves, she is an amazing artist with powerful lyrics and a heart that longs to please God.)  During her concert she talked about World Vision and had a table in back set up with various children’s pictures who needed sponsorship.  I quickly fell in love with a sweet boy from South Africa, a country I’ve had a heart for since high school (I blame it on the movie, The Power of One).

How does India play into all of this, you might ask?  Well, not long ago World Vision sent out a letter explaining the dire need for sponsors for girls as they are often the last to receive an education/food/etc.   I also had heard about sponsoring a child who was the same age/had the same birthday as one of your children to make it really meaningful.  So, I typed in Addie’s birthday and Varsha’s picture popped up. 

Varsha is a four-year-old little girl who lives in India with her parents where she assists in getting water for her family, among other chores.  She is cute as can be and I love looking at her picture as she is exactly the same age as Addie and even appears to be the same size.  I love, love, love that World Vision often sends updates and pictures and, yes, I know that means some sponsorship money is going to those letters, but I really think that helps you connect so much more to the child you’re investing in.

So, today, we wrote letters to Varsha, something, admittedly, I wish we did more often.  We included some stickers and postcards and Tallinn and Addie both “wrote” little notes.

We also read from our two Atlas books on the culture in India and another book called Finders Keepers? that I had purchased on Amazon awhile back that shares a bunch about the Indian culture-mostly Hinduism.  It’s definitely an interesting book, but I think I’ll look for others that capture other aspects of India, not just religion.

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