Our new Rangoli to welcome guests into our home!  Tallinn helped me with this one as it was a bit challenging and even he almost pooped out in the middle.  Typically, a rangoli is made using flour and food coloring and chalk.  Chalk is used to outline the design and the flour and food coloring and water is used to form a paste that is used to fill in the design.  As I was warned that the food coloring can stain and Brian wasn’t sure he wanted that near our front door, we used tempura instead.

Also, namaste is really used when speaking but we thought it would be fun here as it’s a common Hindu word  for greeting people that our culture recognizes.

 I love our beautiful rangoli and secretly hope it makes a more “permanent” mark in our entryway.

2 responses to “Namaste

  1. AMAZING AND VERY BEAUTIFUL! Good job Tallinn.

  2. Ohh that is soo pretty!
    Love all the creative things you come up with.

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